How do I reduce my Cholesterol?


Cholesterol is the grease that circulates in your blood. Controlling your cholesterol is a very important part of lowering your risk of having a heart attack. Hence all this focus on reducing cholesterol.

So, how do you  lower your cholesterol? A very common belief is that decreasing your consumption of fatty foods will help lower your cholesterol. This is not entirely true though.

75% of cholesterol is produced in your body itself by your liver. Only 25 % comes from the foods that you eat. Hence avoiding fatty foods alone, does not  have much of an effect on lowering your cholesterol . On the contrary, cholesterol is needed by your body  and should be an essential part of your diet .

This brings us back to the unanswered question on how to lower your cholesterol. In my opinion the best way to do this is by lowering your carbohydrate (sugar) consumption. We are a nation obsessed with carbohydrates . We consume it in the form of sodas, pizza, pasta, french fries , breads etc. We tend to consume these sugars in far greater quantities than needed by the body. The excess sugars are converted  cholesterol and stored in the body (as fat).

Hence  it makes sense that we will probably get better results, in lowering our cholesterol, by limiting our sugar intake rather than fat intake.

So , what do you think you should be worried about when you order that burger with fries and soda ?   My thought is that the bun, fries and soda are likely  worse for you than the buger meat itself.

What are your thoughts on reducing your cholesterol? Drop me a comment.



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