Tips for the Veteran to make the most of his VA physician visit- Part 1

The following are some tips that can help get better value from your visit to your VA physician.


  1. Bring your medication bottles in for each and every visit with your primary care physician or specialist.
  2. Ask for a copy of  your medication list from the nurse who checks you in. This will give you a list that you can carry with you to other health care providers.
  3. Ask your nurse or physician to do a medication reconciliation that is to compare your medications bottles and your medication list and iron out any differences between the two. You will be surprised at how many differences you will see between the two.
  4. Create a written list of medical questions you might have and bring it in for your visit. Discuss the list  with your nurse and doctor. I have seen that veterans often forget to ask questions at the time of their physician visit. Later they have an incredibly difficult time trying to  get their medical issues resolved.
  5. Ask your nurse for a copy of your latest labs. This way you can follow along as you doctor discusses your labs. Also the copy of your labs can be taken to your doctors or specialist on the outside.



Please let me know your thoughts and other tips you might have found helpful in your visit to you VA doctor


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